Develop Teaching Materials for Serious Game Design and Modeling (SGDM)

From the beginning of March 2014 Johansson has been part of and involved in a project funded by the European Union Tempus Program. The project is called Serious Games Pathway within the Undergraduate IT Programs (SAGE) and is a collaboration between European partners aimed at creating a bachelor program in games development and serious games at Tunisian and Palestinian Universities.

Magnus Johansson is foremost a partner in work pagage 3 of the SAGE project.


Project description: WP3

The developments in this work package depend on the infrastructure requirements formulated in WP.2. It will also benefit from the review of current practices in teaching computer science delivered by WP.1 and take into account the standards for the pathway as formulated in WP.1.
The work package will develop the materials for teaching design and modeling essentials in a serious gaming context. Game design and modeling for serious games entails knowledge about games and about learning.  Thus, 2 design objectives will be central and have to be balanced. In a package of 3 course the general foundations will be addressed  as well as an in-depth treatment of both objectives (and how to balance and evaluate these.
The WP3 is a 14th month long project which will result in six differnet deliverables.
More information about SAGE and the differnet work pagages in the project can be found at: