Here you can see some recent publications from SIRG members and projects.


Eklund, Lina, Stamm, Isabell, Liebermann, Wanda Katja (2019) The crowd in crowdsourcing: Crowdsourcing as a pragmatic research method. First Monday 24 (10). Link to article.

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Joakim Jansson (2018) We are (not) anonymous: Essays on anonymity, discrimination and online hate. Dissertations in Economics, ISSN 1404-3491 ; 2018:6.  Stockholm: Department of Economics, Stockholm University. Full text


Stockholm Internet Research Group -working paper series, SIRR

Eklund, Lina, von Essen Emma, Jonsson, Fatima and Johansson Magnus (2018) To be or not to be on the Internet: unpacking online anonymity. SIRR2018_1

Eklund, Lina, Stamm, Isabell and Liebermann, Wanda (2017) Crowdsourcing as research method: hype, hope, and hazard. SIRR2017_1

Prax, Patrick, Sjöblom, Björn and Eklund, Lina (2016) GameOff – a critical analysis of a digital game exhibition. SIRR2016_1

von Essen, Emma and Karlsson, Jonas (2014) Internet and anonymity: Discrimination by gender and foreignness is a matter of sorting. SIRR 20014:3 Link to full text. SIRR2014_3

Eklund, Lina (2014) Gaming Together: Patterns and practices of engaging in digital games with others. SIRR 20014:2. Link to full text: SIRR2014_2

Jonsson, Fatima and Lundmark, Sofia (2014) Norm-critical Design Analysis: A Framework. SIRR 2014:1. Link to full text: SIRR2014_1


Conference Presentations

Patrick Prax, Lina Eklund, Björn Sjöblom, Niklas Nylund and Jaakko Suominen (2018). Remembering gaming’s future: Digital games as exhibitions and cultural heritage. Digra Nordic 2018, University of Bergen, Nov 28-30, 2018

von Essen, Emma and Jonsson, Joakim (2018) Cyberhate, Anonymity and the risk of bein exposed. Presented at the Association of Internet Researchers annual conference, AoIR 2018, Montreal, Canada.

Eklund Lina, Sadowski, Helga (2018) Digital family Intiamcy: bridgin family bonds across distances. Presented at the Association of Internet Researchers annual conference, AoIR 2018, Montreal, Canada.

Eklund, Lina March 2018, Online Anonymities. The Swedish Sociological Association’s Biannual Conference, Lund, Sweden

Eklund Lina, von Essen Emma and Jonsson Fatima, October 2017, To be or not to be on the internet. A multidimensional tool for studying online anonymitites. Presented at the Association of Internet Researchers annual conference, AoIR 2017, Tartu, Estonia.

Eklund, Lina, June 2017, Sexual Harassment in Online Gaming, at Nordiska Ministerrådet’s conference Countering Hate.

Eklund, Lina, March 2016, The Swedish Sociological Association’s Biannual Conference, Uppsala, Sweden

Eklund, Lina, October 2015, Association of Internet Researchers, #IR16, Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.

Eklund, Lina, October 2015, Queer Games Conference, University of California, Berkeley, U.S.A.

von Essen, Emma, May 2015, Workshop at The Faculty of Economics, Social and Political Sciences and Communication, Saint Louis University, Brussels, Belgium.

Jonsson, Fatima, December 2014, Symposium on The Worlds of Video Gaming, at the Museum for Engineering and Technology, Stockholm Sweden.

von Essen, Emma, March 2014, Workshop at TrygFonden’s Centre for Child Research, Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark.

von Essen, Emma, September 2013 , 8th Nordic Conference on Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Stockholm, Sweden.


Lina Eklund (2018) Gaming as a force for good: Chips with Everything podcast. [interview in podcast], Link

Lina Eklund (2018) TV-spel är socialt,, Blog-entry, Link

Lina Eklund and Evan Conaway (2017) The nerd is dead, long live the nerd! Platypus–The CASTAC Blog. (27 June 2017) Blog Entry, Link

Stamm, Isabell and Eklund, Lina (2017) With great power comes great responsibility: crowdsourcing raises methodological and ethical questions for academia. Impact of Social Sciences Blog (05 Apr 2017). Blog Entry, Link