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New SIRG working paper on Crowdsourcing

SIRR 2017:1 is now live, read the latest results on how to consider the crowd in crowdsourcing methodology by SIRGs Lina Eklund, Isabell Stamm fromthe Technical University in Berlin, and Wanda Liebermann from Florida Atlantic University. The paper: Crowdsourcing as research method: hype, hope, and hazard  can be found here.

SIRG at AoIR17

Lina Eklund, Emma von Essen and Fatima Jonsson are presenting the study, ”To be or not to be on the Internet: a multidimensional tool for studying online anonymity” at the Association of Internet Researchers in Tartu, Estonia 2017.

Link to conference: AoIR17

Link to published abstract, AoIR Selected Papers of Internet Research: SPIR


25 January, Seminar with Lisa Lindén

On January 25, 13:00-14:30, in B900 at Stockholm University Lisa Lindén will present her PhD work.

Communicating Care: The Contradictions of HPV Vaccination Campaigns”

This presentation builds upon the work presented in Communicating Care: The Contradictions of HPV Vaccination Campaigns (Lindén, 2016). In this work, Lisa Lindén examines three state-funded human papillomavirus (HPV) campaigns in Sweden. She shows that they include and articulate a range of different forms of care that are not limited to just asking people to “take care of themselves” or “care for others”. Care is instead approached as a multilayered, contextual and heterogeneous phenomenon. In the study we encounter county council professionals, who try to communicate care to girls and their relatives, as well as material devices, such as an “HPV app”, a Facebook campaign site and a vaccination trailer. The study is situated within the intersection of the sociology of science and technology and feminist theory, and more specifically to discussions on the politics of care in technoscience. It contributes to these discussions through its focus on temporal dimensions of care.


Future Sociology Seminars: or

14 June, Symposium on Digital games and the Internet

Welcome to a full day symposium at Tekniska Museet, Stockholm.

14 June, 9.00-17.00

Save the Date! Invitation will be up soon.

Digital games and Internet

The Internet is an obvious prerequisite for digital games today. Games played over the net come in all shapes and forms and digital games culture is very much an online phenomena.

Massive, multi-player games or real-time strategy games, such as World of Warcraft or Starcraft, is perhaps the first online games we think about, but also games like Yatzi and Scrabble are played extensively across the net in their digital forms.

Furthermore, online, players engage with content and each other outside the games themselves in various arenas such as forums and communities, they buy games in digital stores, follow or participate in e-sport competitions, watch Let’s play videos, and read and write game guides online. At the same time players create their own games or game-modifications, and share these with others, they write stories, and edit videos of games or game characters.

Players are now one of the main target groups for broadband companies, and no one needs fast and reliable Internet as players. Computer games have always been one of the sectors that pushed the technological developments in graphics and computing performance forward, and the same is true of the Internet.

In short, we cannot talk about digital games without talking about the Internet. This seminar highlights the Internet’s role in games and vice versa.